Mark Howells and David Howells
6 - 10

The Konnektis digital platform transforms care delivery.
Konnektis places the person at the centre of their care, enabling better communication and collaboration among their support network while enabling people to participate in their own health and wellbeing to the fullest extent possible.


Konnektis is a digital platform that runs on a secure 4G internet-enabled Samsung tablet-hub that stays in the home and replaces the paper folder that is currently used in care. It acts as the central point for all people in the support network to access, record and share information.


It also acts as an engagement tool for the person, who can access a live care schedule, and the potential utilisation of the locked-down, internet-enabled, remotely-managed Samsung tablet is somewhat infinite given the plethora of challenges currently facing our ageing population. For example, applications that enable medication and long-term condition management, as well as those that tackle social isolation, can be integrated into the device's age appropriate user interface.


We also provide a web-based portal, where information recorded during care visits can be remotely accessed. Care providers are able to better communicate with carers, keep care plans up-to-date and send and receive alert notifications, while family members can view visit information in real-time.

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