Chris Etchells
Digital Healthcare
2 - 5

KMS was formed to utilise technology to develop simple to use and easy to understand connected health solutions. KMS has developed a software technology platform called b.con a  secure, private, interoperable and scalable data management platform built on the principals of privacy by design. The platform addresses the issues of ownership and access to personal healthcare and wellness data. As an open, interoperable and secure platform b.con enables the development of total healthcare informatics solutions via its modular SDK. KMS has developed two of its own connected health care solutions that operate on b.con. 

KIT (Keep In Touch) KIT is a mobile phone and a tracker in a simple watch worn on the wrist. It’s designed for vulnerable people and their carers, who want to maintain an independent living experience.Its beauty is its simplicity. Just pressing the silver button on KIT makes a call to the carer. Carers can call KIT by dialing its mobile number.KIT comes with a mobile App so you see the location of the wearer and other features such as geo fencing, battery monitor and alerting all of which help give you peace of mind about your loved one. 

MyTrav is a solution developed in association with Newcastle City Council to enable independent travel for children with special education needs. MyTrav provides the ability for travel trainers, parents or carers to set up journeys for a child or young person using an App. Utilising the GPS functionality of a smartphone the App provides a step by step interactive guide to a journey for the independent traveller using photos, text and voice alerts. Parents/carers are  able to track the progress of the journey of an independent traveller via a web portal and the solution is supported by a comprehensive SMS based alerting system if the independent traveller goes off course. The entire solution is managed via a central administration portal that governs use and access rights to the solution.

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