Connexin Limited

Connexin Limited

Dr Furqan Alamgir
Mr Alex Yeung
Digital Tech
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Connexin is an innovative and disruptive technology company, based in Hull, specialising in building and operating award-winning smart city infrastructure to support the Internet of Things (IoT).

Working in partnership with local authorities, global technology companies and specialist technology providers, Connexin builds metropolitan networks and smart city infrastructure.

Connexin also provides broadband services and packages in and around Hull, as well as, high quality telephony and data services to businesses.

We recently secured a £10m equity investment into Connexin and have access to Ciscos $2bn global infrastructure funds to support us on our mission to make cities smarter and more programmable.

We are working closely and strategically with Central/Local government, universities and the NHS in the UK to help build and realise their smart agenda. Through the deployment of our smart infrastructure and the Connexin CityOS platform, we can help communities, cities and organisations to digitise and gather data to improve the way we live, play and work.

In 2018 we deployed the country’s largest commercial city wide LoRaWAN network in Hull and the UKs smartest Street in Newcastle.

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