Connected Bees

How can we refine and perfect one of Cisco’s most exciting recent innovations – the connected bees?

Connected bees

Despite playing a vital role in much of the world’s food production, honey bees’ numbers are in decline. Urbanisation, pollution and chemicals are often blamed for this, but a group of scientists in Australia set out to use technology to more accurately define the contributing factors in this decline.

The solution is one that uses RFID tags attached to the bees and sensors on their hives to feedback information on the bees’ movements. An intel core then processes that information and sends it to the cloud, using Cisco LoraWAN, where scientists collaborate on research to protect this noble species. 

Last year Cisco brought the connected bees to Manchester, but the solution still requires someone with technical expertise to aid with configuration, set up and installation to continue to support the initiative and achieve higher volumes of hive deployments.

We would like to create an ‘off the shelf’ version of this innovative solution, and one that follows the existing intent and technology but refines the package and includes connectivity and power. We also want to explore the ability to offer analytics to bee keepers. Applicants for this challenge will be provided with full insight into the existing technical solution and a workshop with the team that worked on creating it. 

And in the spirit of innovation, we would of course be interested in new ideas that enhance the existing solution, including additional functionality for the bee keepers, such as desktop/smartphone-based environmental monitoring tools.

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This round of challenges closes for entry on 16th of October.