The Car Parking Challenge

Despite many components for smart parking solutions already existing, the adoption rate among local authority-managed and private commercial car parking remains low. Why? And what can be done to reverse this?

We’re looking for solutions to tackle two parking related challenges:

Frictionless on street car parking

Paying for parking today most commonly involves either trying to find a machine and the required amount in coins or notes to pay for your parking time, or registering your car and payment details with a smartphone app specific to that locale in order to make a remote payment.

These are slow, tedious and often overly-complicated processes.

Imagine if you could pull up on any street where parking is permitted, park your car and pay the required amount without having to give it a second thought.

How could we provide a method for the local authority to either charge citizens/visitors for that period of parking on a one-off basis or offer registration and payment details to instigate future frictionless car parking on demand?

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On-demand car parking spaces

We are working with a commercial property developer with 10,000 car parking spaces across their portfolio.

However, car parking is a contentious issue and there are not enough spaces for license.  Many spaces are unoccupied due to people being off sick, working from home, on annual leave or otherwise out of the office. How do we record and utilise this information to create a live parking environment that highlights underutilised spaces and increases car parking capacity without having to add more physical spaces? Could users who license spaces monetise their spaces when not in use?

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This round of challenges closes for entry on 16th of October.